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 Iceclan's Allegiances

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Iceclaw the Scratcher
Iceclaw the Scratcher

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Iceclan's Allegiances Empty
PostSubject: Iceclan's Allegiances   Iceclan's Allegiances EmptyMon Sep 12, 2011 12:03 am

Name: Iceclaw
Gender: Female
Age: 15 moons
Clan: IceClan
Apprentice: Falconpaw
Description: Pure white long-furred she-cat with deep blue eyes.
Personality: Loyal to the Clan, fast runner, going to be the next deputy
Mate/Crush: Coldfur (Mate)
Kin: Frozenfur (Mother) Silverstripe (Father) Shinypelt (Sister) Shimmerkit (Son)
Best Friend: Holyblaze
History: Father was killed in battle. Mother still alive. Iceclaw has won many battles before. She has discovered more territory for IceClan. Iceclaw is also kind, and quick-witted.
Secret Word: Shellheart

Name: Highstar
Gender: Male
Age: 40 moons
Clan: IceClan
Description: Pale gray tom with thick fur like a polar bear
Personality: Very strong and good at organisation. Is cunning in planning battles. However his only weakness is that he is very harsh in punishment, especially his son.
Mate/Crush: Moonfrost (Mate)
Kin: Runningwind (Father) Whitefeather (Mother) Edgeclaw (Son)
Best Friend: NIL
History: Highstar is a mighty leader. But he has a dark history of his father. Father and Mother have died in battle.
Secret Word: Shellheart

Name: Coldfang
Age: 18 moons
Rank: Warrior
Description: A handsome tortleshell (or however it is spelled) tom with white paws and geen eyes.
Mate: N/A for now.
Family: Darkwater (father-deceased), Redheart (mother- deceased)
Traits: Very strong, and kind.

Name: Icestep
Age: 14 moons
Rank: Warrior
Description: A pure white she-cat with pale blue legs and paws and icy blue eyes.
Family: Snowfall (mother) Lioneyes (father)
Traits: smart, kind, stubborn , doesn't like strangers, and hates EarthClan for killing her family.

Age: 12 moons
Rank: Warrior
Description:A light brown tom with a pitch black heart-shaped patch of fur on his chest and chocolate brown eyes
Family:Watershade (father) and Sandpool (mother)
Traits: fierce in battle, protective, untrusting, and sharp tounged

Heatherstorm: an attractive she-cat with deep blue eyes and pure white 16 moons

Name Waterwing
Age 17 moons
Rank Deputy
Description White she-cat with blue eyes like water
Mate N/A
Family N/A
Traits has hearing that reaches 12 feet long

Name: Edgeclaw
Age: 17 moons
Rank: Warrior
Description: Light brown tom with very sharp claws
Mate: NIL
Traits: Is good at fighting
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Iceclan's Allegiances
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