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 Clan Making Template

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PostSubject: Clan Making Template   Clan Making Template EmptySun Sep 11, 2011 12:18 am

Clan Name:(Please make it reasonable! Please don't make an EverythingClan or something like that! Thank you.)

Clan's Home: (Must be descriptive!)

History:(Again, must be descriptive!)

Clan Leader: (You may chose the name...keep in mind that it'll be your new profile name....)

Deputy:(Either you can chose or I will chose for you. But please let other people sign up before choosing, thank you! Very Happy)

Medicine Cat:(Same ^.^)

Food Source:(Where they hunt their food. ex:river, forest, spring, desert,etc.)

Main Type of Food: (ex: squirrels, mice, thrush, fish, etc.)

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Clan Making Template
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