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 Earthstar's Characters! (For fun and just to let everyone know my RPing cats XP)

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PostSubject: Earthstar's Characters! (For fun and just to let everyone know my RPing cats XP)   Mon Sep 12, 2011 6:21 pm

Name: Earthstar
Age:37 moons
Description: A light brown and white tabby tom with light green eyes and a black tipped bushy tail.
Personality:kind. smart. caring. VERY protective. sensitive. gentle (not in battle)
Mate/Crush:Nightfrost Wink
Kin:Lionstep (father), Marshpool (mother), Darkmist (daughter), Wolfblaze (son), Wildstorm (son), Deadsoul (brother)
Best Friend:Nightfrost
History: Earthstar was a small kit and grew very large during his apprenticeship. Before then, he'd always get picked on for being the runt of the litter. His brother, Deadsoul always fought to protect him and sadly died because of it, right before Earthstar's leadership started. Earthstar was crushed and fell in love with the cat who had helped him through it all, Nightfrost. They had three kits together and vowed to treat them equally and protect them with their lives. It wasn't long before all his kits were grown up and had mates of their own. Earthstar was proud but sad to see them grow up so fast. Soon, he was offered the postion of deputy. He took it, knowing that this was what he needed to coap with this depression. It worked and soon he became leader, their old leader, Oceanstar dying of old age.
Secret Word:Shellheart

Age:18 moons
Description: A pale blue and black patched she-cat with lavender eyes.
Personality:Sweet, gentle, kind, clumsy, shy,and surprisingly fierce in battle.
Mate/Crush: Stonestep (mate)
Kin:Paledawn (mother), Panthersoul (father), Pinknose (sister).
Best Friend: Stonestep
History: Lightfrost grew up learning to care for people. She was a medicine cat apprentice but desided to be a warrior after falling in love with Stonestep. Also, she's always been kind to every cat and done nothing but be kind. When she was a kit, she didn't play with the other kits and instead stayed with her mother. Sadly, her parents were killed and ever since she has fought fiercly. She is not one to take lightly.
Secret Word:^.^

Age:14 moons
Description: A pure white she-cat with pale blue legs and paws and icy blue eyes.

Don't wanna put anthing else Smile

More later Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Earthstar's Characters! (For fun and just to let everyone know my RPing cats XP)   Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:02 pm

So its accepted? Okay... locking~
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Earthstar's Characters! (For fun and just to let everyone know my RPing cats XP)
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